Day 1. Undies, knickers, panties or briefs

 Day 1.

 Making your own lingerie is some of the best fun a girl can have with her sewing machine, but if you don't have the skills to make your own not to worry because a bunch of new knickers just landed in my Etsy shop.  Just in time for something called Valentines day...bah humbug grumble mutter grumble.

Anyway, soft cotton fabrics in flowery patterns; cute, girly and just a little bit sassy.  Don't wait for someone to treat you, treat yourself!

I've now added a knicker making SEW-A-LONG so if you have some basic sewing skills but feel that some additional help would be handy check it out.  Addictive personalities types may want to look away, once you get the hang of it stopping at just one pair is virtually impossible!

...and so, a month of knickers begins now.

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