The Maker

Originally trained in design I worked in the fashion world for a while, mostly based in Melbourne, Australia.  I was designing, buying and producing collections for largish companies, It was an incredible experience and hard work but then in a moment of quiet reflection I decided to leave it all behind.
Now I'm back in the world of Makers and Workshops, Studios and Artisan craftsman.  Back to the heart of why I became a designer - to make and create, puzzle out solutions and live a more creative life.
An integral part of my life has been keeping sketchbooks and journals about the things that inspire me - ideas, notes and drawings. Designs are inspired by many things; painting styles, photos, memories, dreams, films, stories; It's endless, random and wonderful. In order to share these inspirations I'm building an on-line world, something like the inside of my sketchbooks...but functional as well.  I am interested in how things work (colour, form, process and function), as well as the stories behind the creation of new and beautiful products.
My studio is squashed into the kitchen of my apartment in inner Melbourne.  On my days off I escape to my little farm in the hills of South Gippsland where walks with Harry the dog, renovation planning and exploratory tree planting fill my days.

The Makers Journal would not be what it is without the encouragement and support of many creative and special people.
Charlie Delroy - Model
Daniela Balcazar - Model, Graphic Designer, Artist
Cat Rewha - Photographer, Film Maker & Musician

Sam Maplebeck - Film Maker

James Cole - Photographer

Hugh Davis - Musician, Artist, Photographer 

Katherine Barton - Writer, Teacher

...also, having my photo taken is painful.