Trim your Skimpy!

Dress up your SKIMPY with an adorable frilly edge and bow.  The pattern and instructions for the optional frill can be downloaded right here for free.  PDF download no longer available.  The SKIMPY knicker takes just a few hours to make and the pattern is available in sizes 8-14 from our Etsy shop.

We made our SKIMPY in a Liberty print fabric found at Tessuti in Melbourne called Eliza in the colour cerise.

For the bow at the front cut a strip of fabric 6cm wide and 11cm long.  Make a double roll top stitched edge along both long sides and one end, then run a gathering stitch down the middle.  Pull into a frill and top stitch the gathering in place.  Roll into a bow with the unfinished edge in the centre, secure the bow and then top stitch to the front of your knickers.



Hidden away behind a gigantic patchwork door, L'uccello located on the 2nd floor of the Nicholas Building in Melbourne, is a treasure trove of vintage haberdashery and other assorted little treats.  There is so much to see and what you can't the lovely Kim will probably have it squirreled away somewhere. 

After a little chat and some show & tell she conjured up a box of vintage seam binding tape (almost too precious to open) and from somewhere under the counter a beautiful floral fabric which I promptly turned into a frilly version of our SKIMPY knicker.

The pattern for the SKIMPY can be purchased here, the Nicholas Building is located at 37 Swanston St and L'uccello can be found in room 5 on the 2nd floor ph: 03 9639 0088


HOW TO make bias binding

  I use bias binding a lot and when I can't find a perfect match I just make it myself, here's how....

1. Work out how much binding you need and double check the width required (don't forget to add extra for the seam allowances on both sides).  Press your fabric and lay it out onto a large flat surface.  On the wrong side draw a line diagonally across; I use a protractor to find the exact 45 degree angle from the selvedge.

2. Once you've marked out all your binding carefully cut out the strips without pulling or stretching the fabric.

3. You may need to make joins and this is done by placing right sides together and stitching as shown below.

4. Press the seam open and you're ready to go.

5. If required you can pre-press the edges of your binding, it will depend on your sewing project. These little gadgets can help with the folding and pressing, Tessuti in Melbourne stock them in 6mm, 12mm, 18mm and 25mm widths.

I used my binding for an elastic casing around the edges of our Bathing Suit Top (photos very soon)...super cute!

If you're feeling a bit lazy take a look at this


Super Sexy Skimpy

The super sexy SKIMPY!  I made our SKIMPY in a pretty Liberty floral called Mauvey in pink.  It takes only a few hours to make and from 1/2 a metre you can easily cut 2 pairs.  The pattern is available from my Etsy store. 

We found our Liberty print cotton at Tessuti in Melbourne, just look at the range.....



Choosing the paper on which to print my patterns was an incredibly important part of the design process; papers add personality and I love beautiful paper!

I spent more than a few hours perusing the shelves in the magazine mecca that is Mag Nation; an appealing paper really does make a difference.    

Eventually I settled on a silky smooth Doggett stock called Envirocare.
Slightly heavier in weight the patterns are both durable and practical.  They can be traced around easily or pinned directly to the fabric without damage.  It has a beautiful raw look, the fact that its manufactured entirely from waste with no optical brighteners or Chlorine makes it even more lovable. 

100% Recycled and gorgeous, what more can you ask for!

Magazines I love....
...way too many!


TIE SIDE knickers made in a 100% silk georgette called 'Red & Yellow Roses' which we found at Tessuti in Melbourne.  The pale green ribbon came from Luccello.....so pretty!

The TIE SIDE knicker in sizes 8-14 take only a few hours to make and the  sewing pattern can be purchased through my Etsy shop.