too many flowers...NEVER!

Flower mash-ups by Erdem, these from Resort 2016, encouraged a re-imagining of a new pattern I'm working on called the RETRO RAGLAN.

The fabric called Floreale Nero was found at Tessuti, a viscose elastane blend bound with a liberty print binding from Luccello.  The binding can be purchased by the meter along with around 50 others.  

Sewing pattern coming soon in Australian sizes 10-16.  The tapered sleeves can be cut in 3/4 or full length, the shoulder is darted to enhance the shape and the body is loose and forgiving.

Detailed instructions showing HOW TO bind an edge with bias binding can be found right here.


new pattern BIG BUNNY

It's as though I took a BUNNY BAG and like a balloon just blew it up a bit.  I've changed a few things, added some quilting, altered the proportions but it's still cute, just a little more sophisticated and grown up.

BIG BUNNY fits snugly up under your arm and features a comfortable quilted shoulder strap and base, inner pocket and of course big floppy ears. 

Select medium to heavy weight woven fabrics, upholstery fabrics will also work as would suede...project for the future.  This example was made from leftovers, a textured canvas for the outer and two contrasting feed sack fabrics previously used for a POWDER PUFF cushion...never throw anything away!

If you've never quilted fabric or stitched with heavy thread a HOW TO can be found for each here and here.  The BIG BUNNY is worn here with the BATHING SUIT TOP made up in a Japanese seersucker previously featured way back when.  All sewing patterns are available from my Etsy shop.