Reuse Recycle Refashion

 A second mini fashion movie is in the early stages of planning.  Pinned to the mood board in my head, an array of footage from the documentary film Detropia and a made up story of post apocalyptic survival.  The documentary 'sculpts a dreamlike collage of a grand city teetering on the brink of dissolution' slow decay in a forbidding and dark landscape...an urban architectural horror film.

We simply cannot continue to consume without considering the implications of the everyday decisions we make. I'm a huge advocate for REUSE! RECYCLE! REFASHION! and so when it came to styling my friend Hugh for the role of man in survival mode we scrounged around for the perfect duds.

Tie Salvos Prahran $4
Shirt Salvos Brunswick $7
Mirrored Sunglasses Sacred Heart Mission St Kilda $4
Leather Vest Op Shop Albury-Wodonga $8
Egyptian Tourist T-Shirt (women's) Salvos, St Kilda $4
Boots Savers Footscray $20
Hugh's Black Jeans came from Brunswick legend Dejour Jeans $50
(yes $50.00/pair including all ongoing adjustments!)
Necklace Etsy $30
Hugh's ring was a gift from his grandfather
Grand Total (a conscience clear) $127

 The other reason I visited Hugh today was to listen to the music he's making for my first little fashion movie...almost finished, very exciting!


Sewing Accessories

The ultimate sewing accessory was spotted recently on one of my favourite furniture blogs, Antikmodern....a Danish mid century sewing trolley c1960.

I've never seen anything like it, so cool and tempting!  Hope it goes to a good home. 


The Blues

A colour theme is emerging.  

Currently having a wow of a time making up tops for Summer.  All the more satisfying since I'm using up left overs I'd forgotten I even had...a double dose of joy!

From a Japanese pattern book a camisole made out of men's shirting fabric, and...

 in a mini checked linen, a swing top with an improvised elastic trim neckline.

Even more success! This morning, with the help of my trusty (brutally honest) shopping buddy, I finally found a replacement for all the denim jeans I recycled a while back...thank you Lee, a skinny jean that suits my curves!


Fashion On Film

Timed to coincide with Melbourne Fashion Week, ACMI is showing four films over the next week which are all worth a look.

 Titled, From Twiggy to Westwood: Great British Fashion On Film, the program includes...
In Vogue: The Editors Eye (Free) 
Twiggy: The Face of '66
Paul Smith, Gentleman Designer
British Style Genius: Breaking The Rules - Fashion Rebel Look which looks at the careers of Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and of course the one and only Vivienne Westwood.


There is also the short film, 'The Legend of Lady White Snake' starring the fashion slave and socialite Daphne Guinness shown crawling about in Alexander McQueen to kick things off.  The above shots are all favourites from the Vivienne Westwood Winter 2013 collection.