Wear testing

 My friend Michaela bravely agreed to wear test the LITTLE GIRLS BRALETTE(coming soon)...yep, comfy and totally safe!

It's shown here with the TRIED & TRUE knicker and both were made from a Liberty print called Tatum which I found at L'uccello in the Nicholas Building.

In other news, I'm moving house, which means my beautiful sun filled studio will be no more.  For the next two months I'll be living out of a suitcase until my new digs are available; the forecast reads 'haphazard blog posting ahead'.  

Want to know what's going on? You can follow my domestic/studio gypsy adventures via instagram themakersjournal.


new pattern JUMP PANT

What a difference a print makes!

Extra effort (and fabric) was definitely required to ensure the print was positioned correctly but in this case once the fabric was cut out the project was completed in under an hour.

Designed without a side seam the JUMP PANT is the perfect pattern for trying out large scale prints.  The inseam measures 64cm (adjustable) with elasticized cuffs and a comfortable pull on waist.  A tutorial showing how to create the rolled elastic waist can be found right here and the pattern is available in my Etsy shop in Australian sizes 6-14.


Little 'Girls' Triangle bra

The pattern for the LITTLE 'GIRLS' TRIANGLE BRA is now available from my Etsy shop in Australian sizes 6-12A & 8-14B

It's shown here with a matching SKIMPY made using under-bust elastic for the waistband instead of a fabric casing.  Both the bra and knickers were cut from a Liberty print called Betsy in the fabric quality Tana Lawn.


HOW TO attach under-bust elastic

Making soft cup bras is actually quite easy.  Once you know what kind of elastic to use for each part, how to attach them and in what order you'll be able to whip up a bra in just a few hours. 
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...and If you're making the LITTLE 'GIRLS' TRIANGLE BRA you'll also need to know HOW TO attach under-bust elastic.

1. For the LITTLE GIRLS TRIANGLE BRA you'll need a 15mm (5/8")under-bust elastic x approx 90cm (35 1/2").  Under-bust elastic will have a textured and/or shiny front but will always have a soft and smooth surface on the back. The back is soft because it sits next to your skin.

Mark the center of you elastic with a pin.

2.  If you're making the LITTLE 'GIRLS' TRIANGLE BRA you will have already attached the lingerie elastic to the inner and outer edges of each cup and then joined them together in the center.
Measure along the bottom of the cups and using the equation below calculate the length of the under-bust elastic 

total length of edge x .8 = elastic length

3. Mark the elastic at the correct point on either side of the center front.   Now pin the cups in place right sides together with the picot edge facing down. 

4. With right sides together and with the wrong side of bra facing up, use a wide zig-zag stitch to attach the under-bust elastic to the cups.  Stretch the elastic evenly to fit as you go; the cup fabric should not be stretched.  It's also very important to ensure that your stitching is evenly spaced from the edge.

Once complete it should look like this on the wrong side,

and like this on the right side.

5. Now flip the elastic to the wrong side so the picot edge is now facing up and pin in place at each end and in the center.

6. Using a twin needle stitch in place.  Stretch the elastic evenly to fit as you go; the cup fabric should not be stretched.

7. Once completed the wrong side will look like this, and the...

 right side will look like this.