raw rolled edges

Below a new pattern I'm working on called the CLASSIC COWL made up in a 100% cotton single jersey.  For this example the neck, cuffs and hem edges were all left raw so they'd roll back on themselves.  It definitely sped things up, cutting it out actually took me longer than overlocking the pieces together.

The sewing pattern will be available from my Etsy shop in the next few months and will be offered in Australian sizes 10-16.

If you're opting for a raw rolled edge always leave a trail of overlocking threads at least 10cm long at the end of each seam.  Detailed instructions showing you HOW TO darn them in can be found right hereVery easy and super fast.


Silver Lining pt 4

Lucky last, Red Flower TopsWith just 62cm to play with and Christmas just around the corner I thought I'd make up a collection of little gifts.
...so three months later, here's what I actually did with it.  

Firstly a bias cut version of a new pattern I'm working on called the CAMISOLE TOP, and

1 pair of SKIMPY knickers in Australia size 10 which are available from my Etsy shop right here.

View parts 1, 2 and 3.


PAOM Crazy Flower

I clearly remember the night I downloaded some GIF making software for the first time...and then it was morning.  Similarly yesterday I fell down a Print All Over Me rabbit hole and 6 hours in the only thing that stopped me was having to go to work.
  A couple of versions of my Crazy Flower abstract are shown below and garments/ objects you can actually buy can be found right here.  I also added a greeting card to my Etsy shop.

Great way to support emerging designers, find unique items and lessen the impact of unwanted stock on our precious world.  Need a print?  I love making them, email me.