Booty Boot Camp

A friend said to me recently that she didn't want to make a pair of knickers because her rear view would never look as good as the example shown, yep mine either.  So I found something to torture ourselves with Virginia!
Genetically blessed or exercise obsessed?...regardless, my weekend Booty Boot Camp has begun!

This is exactly the kind of girl I'm thinking about when I design; strong and powerful, fit, healthy and just a bit sassy (body and soul)!

More workouts right here


Clumsy but cute

Ok, so my name is Pamela and I'm completely addicted to GIF Animation.  I've been living with my addiction for a total of maybe 48hrs now and I need sleep! 

On the up side look how cute the POWDER PUFF is!  For additional (and professional) GIF related fun check this out


Fun with Gif and Ra Ra

Fell down the GIF Animation rabbit hole and ended up crawling into bed at 3am...highly addictive! 
 I downloaded PhotoScape, it was free and super easy to use.  For my first animation I created a spinning RA RA SKIRT; if you want to spin for real the pattern is available right here.


HOW TO bind an edge with bias binding

A new skirt pattern I'm working on called the FLASH N' DASH (pattern coming soon) can be made up in four different ways.  Two of these involve binding an edge using bias binding...here's how you do it.

1. Using 12mm bias binding (mine is in a shiny satin finish) and with right sides together stitch the binding to the edge of your fabric just to the right of the fold line, in my example I stitched 1mm from the fold.  Don't pull or stretch your binding or the fabric underneath.

2. Clip the seam (body fabric only) around the curve at the top of your split or as required.  On the right side lightly press the seam toward the binding.

4. Fold and turn in the end of the binding and working from the wrong side slip stitch the binding in place.  Don't pull the sewing thread too tightly as this will cause puckering; the finished binding should sit perfectly flat.

In this version of the skirt I left the hem edge raw, however, if turning up a hem do so before step 1.

5. Press around the curved top of your split to help the binding form a perfectly flat edge, it should not stick out.

The skirt shown is made from a medium weight jungle print jersey found at Tessuti in Melbourne; the contrast binding in pale lemon came from Clegs.

The FLASH N' DASH also features a rolled elastic waist for which a HOW TO can be found right here.


Simple shapes

My golden rule of sewing; choose simple shapes and then make them up in the most beautiful fabric I can afford...simple shapes, beautiful fabric! 

Treasured patterns can be transformed over and over again using different textures, colours and print combinations.

Here the TRUCK STOP TOP has been completely transformed for a forthcoming shoot using a mixture of woven fabrics cut on the bias; a semi transparent silk cotton combined with a silky raw edge binding and heavy top stitching create a darker mood.

The silk cotton fabric for the body came from Tessuti in Melbourne.  I made the raw edge binding from some leftovers...second golden rule of sewing, never throw anything away!


Liberty Challenge - September

 ...ok I'm cheating, this top was completed a while ago.  Knee deep in sample making so no time for any personal me sewing time.  The design came from a Japanese pattern book, the name of the Liberty print remains a mystery. 

I knitted the beaded cardigan; (hundreds of glass beads threaded onto the yarn one by one by one...) a special kind of torture but I wear it all the time so all is forgiven.

I did notice a little bit of Liberty mixed into the Summer 2014 Vivienne Westwood collection, the whole show was brilliant but the standout mash up for me was look 39, the pussy cat themed ball gown...I want to go somewhere in that outfit very badly!