I sell all of my patterns in a little Etsy shop. 

Patterns sold are licensed for use by individual makers and may not be reproduced commercially, copied and/or distributed as a paper pattern or made up.
If you're a retailer interested in stocking my patterns or would like to discuss licensing opportunities please contact me via email

All the patterns are printed to order using 100% recycled paper.  The pattern includes all of the information and step by step instructions you will need to make the design at home.  There is also a little swatch to help you select the right fabric.  The pattern is sealed inside a durable plastic bag so it arrives safely and can be stored securely when not in use.
I don't sell my patterns in PDF form and all paper patterns are marked with a seal to confirm authenticity.

Need help with your project?  Please email me at any time and don't forget to send pictures of your beautiful creations, I love to see them!

I don't sell any of my patterns in PDF form.  All paper patterns are marked with a seal to confirm their authenticity.  Please contact me via email if you have any concerns about the pattern you have purchased.