Tried & True sewing class

 Just confirmed, a TRIED & TRUE knicker making class at Tessuti in Melbourne.

Saturday November 10th is knicker making day, class runs from 11-4 but I'll be on hand from 10am to help with fabrics selections.  Class numbers are limited so be quick to book your spot.  The class will include a HOW TO attach knicker elastic demonstration and tips for achieving the perfect fit.
I'll have all the knicker patterns for sale on the day but be warned, knicker making is highly addictive!



 Help needed!
I've been asked a few times if I could grade down my patterns to suit Tweens, that's girls aged somewhere between 8 and 12.  I have no idea about average body sizes for this age group so if there's anyone out there who just happens to have a standardized measurement chart which includes grading increments please send it my way....hopefully including height, chest, waist and hip.
The FREDDIE VEST will be the first pattern....look, it's a MINI FREDDIE  This one in a combination of brand new Liberty prints; Milliner Grey for the front and Axion Grey for the lining. All fabrics including the outer back (called Elephant's Back) came from Tessuti in Melbourne.


Handmade Revolution

A little while ago I was contacted by the lovely Zoe from Rockrose Handmade and after a bit of back and forth Rockrose Handmade officially became an exclusive license partner for The Makers' Journal.
Zoe says, "We only sell Handmade goods that come with a Conscience.
Be they organic, sustainable, fairtrade, upcycled or simply natural, our handmade goods are Good for You and Good for the World and Good for your Conscience. That’s a lot of good".....read more right here
There are gift ideas for the entire family including the BUNNY BAG which you can order right here....very cute and good for the soul! 
Rockrose Handmade


Hoop Skirts

This description of the Hoop Skirt written by Mark Twain was originally published in the Virginia City, Territorial Enterprise in 1866 under the title 'The Fashions' 

I just love them and I made my modern version in a stiff cotton gauze with the hoops formed using satin bias binding threaded with boning.  Not sure if it will become a pattern but I'm happy to describe in detail how I did it if anyone is interested.


Winter versions

A couple of years ago I adopted a Border Collie named Harry from the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne.  One of his favourite things is to go for a run around the Tan.  There's a look he gives me when I tell him it's time to get back in the car....head tilted slightly to one side, eyebrows crinkled as if to say 'I don't get it, why are we leaving?'

That was sort of the same look I pulled when I overheard someone say my LICKETY-SPLIT SKIRT was too summery to make for winter....challenge accepted!

I made the skirt above in some left over fabrics; a multi coloured wool blend for the front and a double faced fabric for the back.  The fabric for the PRETTY BLOUSE came from Tessuti (pattern coming soon).

The chartreuse tights are from OK OK and I purchased them from a very cool shop in East Brunswick called Ursa Studiohouse.  64% Australian wool and nice and thick; perfect for winter! 


Freddie's back!

No not the scary Freddy it's another FREDDIE VEST sewing class at Tessuti in Melbourne.  The class is scheduled for Saturday the 1st of September. Bookings can be made online via the Tessuti website right here and like last time I'll be in the store from 10am to help out with your fabric selections.

A big thank you to Christie, Anna, Janet, Tanya and Lisa for making my first class such a success; you can view some of their gorgeous FREDDIES right here.


Candy colours

 Indulging my love of all things pink, in this case a candied coloured lace made up in the MINNIE MINI that sort of reminds me of sherbet. 

  For the PRETTY BLOUSE (pattern coming soon) I used a fabric called Kissing Cousins which came from Tessuti in Surry Hills and the ribbons were found at L'uccello in Melbourne.

 You can't really tell but I made a pair of BLOOMERS to go under the skirt; they're cut 3 sizes too big to create extra fullness.  Instead of knicker elastic I used a satin bias binding to form the leg and waist casings and then threaded through 6mm elastic cut to fit my model.

The outfit is actually for my friend Cat to wear to her next gig....grungy pub photos (if she lets me) to follow soon!


HOW TO make a rolled elastic waist

I've just finished making up a sample for a new pant shape I'm working on.  Made from a heavy weight jersey I used 32mm wide elastic for the waist which is overlocked on and then rolled. It's really quick and looks great, here's how you do it....

1. Cut a length of elastic for the waist and join the ends together using your overlocker.

2. VERY IMPORTANT disengage the cutting blade on your overlocker! 

3. Divide the elastic evenly into four and mark with chalk, do the same for the pant waist.  With right sides together pin the elastic to the pant at these 4 points, 4 pins only.  The top edge of the elastic and the pant should be in line.

4. This next bit may take some practice and a few muscles, overlock the elastic and the pant together around the top edge stretching the elastic to fit.  The jersey underneath should not be stretched.

right side

wrong side
5. Roll once and then again so the elastic is hidden.  Secure the roll at 2 points, usually the side seams but in my case the centre front and centre back, by stitching in the ditch through all layers.

roll once

roll twice
.....VoilĂ ! the finished waist.