Candy colours

 Indulging my love of all things pink, in this case a candied coloured lace made up in the MINNIE MINI that sort of reminds me of sherbet. 

  For the PRETTY BLOUSE (pattern coming soon) I used a fabric called Kissing Cousins which came from Tessuti in Surry Hills and the ribbons were found at L'uccello in Melbourne.

 You can't really tell but I made a pair of BLOOMERS to go under the skirt; they're cut 3 sizes too big to create extra fullness.  Instead of knicker elastic I used a satin bias binding to form the leg and waist casings and then threaded through 6mm elastic cut to fit my model.

The outfit is actually for my friend Cat to wear to her next gig....grungy pub photos (if she lets me) to follow soon!


  1. I really love the idea of doing a minnie in lace for myself, what method did you use to finish seams?

    1. The MINNIE MINI is actually made without side seams, the back and front overlap by 10cm. For the lace part I cut out the pattern in calico and then cut off the 5cm wide hem and side facings. I placed the calico under the lace and then cut out the skirt following as closely as possible the shape of the calico underneath....thats why the edges are shaped. For this skirt I used a contrast blue satin for the waistband. Hope this makes sense.

  2. Ahh I see, yes that makes sense. Thank you