Look how far I've come!

Lots of exciting things planned for 2013.

gigantic thank you to all the people who've encouraged and supported me throughout the year.  Cheers!


Christmas Baby Clothes

Inspired by the stylish Miss Lucy Van Pelt, I whipped up some Christmas treats for my little niece.

I started by piling all my leftovers onto the workroom floor and then just patched bits together.  The floral linen was an old table cloth, the printed binding came from L'uccello (Kym has gigantic spools of it in lots of Liberty prints), I found the vintage pink lace somewhere inside the Chapel Street Bazaar and the rest originally came from Tessuti in Melbourne.

The patterns are adaptations of two dresses I made for her birthday and yes they're pink....but I did it MYYYYYYY WAY!

Merry Christmas sweetie!


Sweet Little Chickadee

 Feeling patriotic? 

Juli, from Sweet Little Chickadee, is now stocking a selection of my patterns.  So talented! Juli is an illustrator, photographer, writer and runs her very own on-line store based in Colorado.  

 Things Juli loves....

"fairytales, black and white photos, old movies like Casablanca and Roman Holiday, vanilla lattes, jasmine green tea, vegan cupcakes, dark chocolate, heavy metal and rock music, cooking and baking, vintage patterns, sewing, micron pens, painting, soft granulated watercolor washes, reading a really good book, old keys, bath bombs, sunshine, running, pilates/yoga, funny stories, making things by hand" 


Ra Ra Action

A knee length, double layered version of the RA RA SKIRT is coming soon but in the meantime some more shots of one of my favourite patterns in action.  

The RA RA is made in a combination of Liberty print cottons found at Tessuti in Melbourne and was shot by photographer James Cole on the beautiful Charlie Delroy.


Freddie LOVES Ra Ra


 The FREDDIE VEST combines a heavier textured cotton with a sheer viscose and Liberty print lining.  The RA RA SKIRT was made in a combination of Liberty prints and all fabrics were found at Tessuti in Melbourne.


Under Cover

Just a little bit dangerous; the TRUCK STOP TOP made ready for some Emma Peel style action.


I lengthened the top by 10 cm and selected a double sided fabric found at Tessuti in Melbourne.  A zig-zag stitch was used around the neck, armhole and to flatten out the seams.  The necklace is from Collezione Alessandro.

The fabulous Mrs Peel, circa 1966 played by Diana Rigg.


A Little Freddie

The pattern for the LITTLE FREDDIE VEST, in girls sizes 7 to 10, is now available through my Etsy shop.  
A big thank you to Evie who volunteered to be my model for the afternoon.  

Evie's vest is made from two Liberty prints, Milliner Grey for the front and Axion Grey for the lining. The outer back is in a fabric called Elephant's Back and all were found at Tessuti in Melbourne.



A little cross pollination happening in the studio.

What do you get when you cross a BUSTLE BACK MINI with a LICKETY-SPLIT SKIRT?

The fabric for the skirt was found at Tessuti in Melbourne and shot by photographer James Cole during filming in the Nicholas Building.


Baby Clothes

My niece turned one a couple of weeks ago and much to my sisters horror I made her a collection of Marni inspired outfits to celebrate the occasion.  My love of Marni is no secret and these shots are from the brilliant resort 2011 collection.

A strawberry blonde with pale skin like me I mixed together prints and textures in greenish tones.  They may never see the light of day so here are my favourites.  All of the fabrics came from Tessuti in Melbourne as did the Japanese pattern book; the printed bias binding was found at L'uccello.




Movie mood board

 Creating a mood board brings ideas into focus.  In just an instant its possible to convey the essence of your plan to others in a way that words alone could not achieve. 

These are just some of the references I've collected over the past few weeks as I prepare to shoot my fashion epic.  Also included....music, fonts, colours, book covers, fabrics and the odd bit of invaluable advice!


The 4 shots at the top of the page are mine; Alfred and Ingrid were found on-line.


Vintage pattern makeover

Take one second hand pattern from the 70's, add some liberty print florals found at Patchwork on Central Park....and voilĂ ! a whole new way to wear your RA RA.

The pattern for the halter top underwent quite a few fit adjustments before I was happy.  When using vintage patterns a quick sample made up in calico is highly recommended.

The pattern for the RA RA SKIRT is available from my Etsy shop in Australian sizes 6-14.