Liberty challenge wks 1 - 4.

 I have a small (by small I mean large) collection (by collection I mean stockpile) of Liberty print fabrics.   Neatly folded they sit sorted by colour inside a beautiful printed bag.  I take them out every now and again, feel how soft they are, make plans and then put them all back again...?

I can not buy any more fabric until they are all GONE!

Included is the beautiful Betsy in the TWO colours shown above...adorable right!  Astonishingly, I'm fairly sure I overheard myself complaining about having nothing to wear only recently.  I started with the soft blue on the right...
Week 1.
I always like to test out my patterns many times before release so a Betsy version of the PRETTY BLOUSE was my first project and this one includes the optional frill.  I refrain from showing a full shot, it looks kind of ugly on the hanger...pattern coming soon!

Week 2.
TIE SIDE knickers; the ribbons came from L'uccello and the vintage knicker elastic was found in an Etsy shop called The Bling Bazaar.

Week 3.
Next a BUNNY BAG lined with Betsy for a friend's birthday. I did buy the linen but only after an extensive search through the boxes under my bed.

Week 4.
Melbourne is in the grip of a cold snap, my workroom is so icy cold I can see my breath.  I solider on and make a version of the DRESS-ME-UP COLLAR modifying the back and adding some vintage buttons I found at L'uccello (already in my stash). 

I do feel lighter somehow and by lighter I mean less greedy & wasteful, with only a tiny pile of scraps remaining I resolve to keep going.  August is only days away, the challenge continues...


The Aviator

She was a seemingly fearless adventurer, an aviation pioneer, activist, author and I love both her style and spirit.
Amelia Earhart

Inspired I created THE AVIATOR, a cute little cap that covers with style.  For this version I used some vintage buttons that came from L'uccello, the fabrics were found at Tessuti in Melbourne. 

For the zig-zag stitching I used heavy top stitch thread and the frill I added just for fun. 

Not sure yet if THE AVIATOR will become a pattern but it's definitely a great way to use up leftovers; I have several more planned!


The Square

Favourites from the Prada Fall 2013 menswear collection.

Inspired by the mix of colour I went on the hunt for some fabrics to use for my latest cushion cover pattern.  I combined scraps from my stash, including some left over feed sack fabric found at L'uccello, plus something I've had my eye on at Tessuti for a while.

These versions of THE SQUARE have a decidedly masculine feel, some girly options can be viewed right here.  The pattern for THE SQUARE is now available from my Etsy shop.


Couture Favourite

The Fall 2013 couture collections included a truly beautiful presentation from Maison Martin Margiela

Couture is an art form; meticulously constructed garments that challenge preconceived notions about what we think a garment should be, what it should cost and how it should be worn.  It's about extremes of experimentation, opulence, fearlessness and luxury which I find endlessly inspiring.  Thank goodness there are those who can afford to collect and wear it, so long as they exist so to will these precious objects.