Liberty challenge wks 1 - 4.

 I have a small (by small I mean large) collection (by collection I mean stockpile) of Liberty print fabrics.   Neatly folded they sit sorted by colour inside a beautiful printed bag.  I take them out every now and again, feel how soft they are, make plans and then put them all back again...?

I can not buy any more fabric until they are all GONE!

Included is the beautiful Betsy in the TWO colours shown above...adorable right!  Astonishingly, I'm fairly sure I overheard myself complaining about having nothing to wear only recently.  I started with the soft blue on the right...
Week 1.
I always like to test out my patterns many times before release so a Betsy version of the PRETTY BLOUSE was my first project and this one includes the optional frill.  I refrain from showing a full shot, it looks kind of ugly on the hanger...pattern coming soon!

Week 2.
TIE SIDE knickers; the ribbons came from L'uccello and the vintage knicker elastic was found in an Etsy shop called The Bling Bazaar.

Week 3.
Next a BUNNY BAG lined with Betsy for a friend's birthday. I did buy the linen but only after an extensive search through the boxes under my bed.

Week 4.
Melbourne is in the grip of a cold snap, my workroom is so icy cold I can see my breath.  I solider on and make a version of the DRESS-ME-UP COLLAR modifying the back and adding some vintage buttons I found at L'uccello (already in my stash). 

I do feel lighter somehow and by lighter I mean less greedy & wasteful, with only a tiny pile of scraps remaining I resolve to keep going.  August is only days away, the challenge continues...

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