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Jump Pant

The JUMP PANT was inspired by some shots I saw of a bunch of guys dressed in parachute gear....practical, comfortable and ready for anything!

It's super quick to make and features elasticized cuffs and a rolled elastic waist.  Cropped to the ankle with a 64cm inseam (adjustable) it's one of those casual or smart, go anywhere wardrobe basics; in this case a very cool surveillance outfit.

The pattern for the JUMP PANT is now available from my Etsy shop in Australian sizes 6-14.  The printed fleece used for the sample came from Tessuti in Melbourne.  


HOW TO bind an edge with bias binding

A new skirt pattern I'm working on called the FLASH N' DASH (pattern coming soon) can be made up in four different ways.  Two of these involve binding an edge using bias's how you do it.

1. Using 12mm bias binding (mine is in a shiny satin finish) and with right sides together stitch the binding to the edge of your fabric just to the right of the fold line, in my example I stitched 1mm from the fold.  Don't pull or stretch your binding or the fabric underneath.

2. Clip the seam (body fabric only) around the curve at the top of your split or as required.  On the right side lightly press the seam toward the binding.

4. Fold and turn in the end of the binding and working from the wrong side slip stitch the binding in place.  Don't pull the sewing thread too tightly as this will cause puckering; the finished binding should sit perfectly flat.

In this version of the skirt I left the hem edge raw, however, if turning up a hem do so before step 1.

5. Press around the curved top of your split to help the binding form a perfectly flat edge, it should not stick out.

The skirt shown is made from a medium weight jungle print jersey found at Tessuti in Melbourne; the contrast binding in pale lemon came from Clegs.

The FLASH N' DASH also features a rolled elastic waist for which a HOW TO can be found right here.


Sewing Accessories

The ultimate sewing accessory was spotted recently on one of my favourite furniture blogs, Antikmodern....a Danish mid century sewing trolley c1960.

I've never seen anything like it, so cool and tempting!  Hope it goes to a good home. 


Liberty challenge wks 1 - 4.

 I have a small (by small I mean large) collection (by collection I mean stockpile) of Liberty print fabrics.   Neatly folded they sit sorted by colour inside a beautiful printed bag.  I take them out every now and again, feel how soft they are, make plans and then put them all back again...?

I can not buy any more fabric until they are all GONE!

Included is the beautiful Betsy in the TWO colours shown above...adorable right!  Astonishingly, I'm fairly sure I overheard myself complaining about having nothing to wear only recently.  I started with the soft blue on the right...
Week 1.
I always like to test out my patterns many times before release so a Betsy version of the PRETTY BLOUSE was my first project and this one includes the optional frill.  I refrain from showing a full shot, it looks kind of ugly on the hanger...pattern coming soon!

Week 2.
TIE SIDE knickers; the ribbons came from L'uccello and the vintage knicker elastic was found in an Etsy shop called The Bling Bazaar.

Week 3.
Next a BUNNY BAG lined with Betsy for a friend's birthday. I did buy the linen but only after an extensive search through the boxes under my bed.

Week 4.
Melbourne is in the grip of a cold snap, my workroom is so icy cold I can see my breath.  I solider on and make a version of the DRESS-ME-UP COLLAR modifying the back and adding some vintage buttons I found at L'uccello (already in my stash). 

I do feel lighter somehow and by lighter I mean less greedy & wasteful, with only a tiny pile of scraps remaining I resolve to keep going.  August is only days away, the challenge continues...


Fancy Lingerie Elastic

Once you've mastered the basics of knicker making you'll want to start experimenting with fancy lingerie elastics.
I've been asked many times where to buy good quality basic lingerie elastic so I've made a list of my favourite shops.  I also went looking for fancy elastics and found some really beautiful options....

So I started searching on Etsy and was immediately distracted.  I purchased some vintage elastic in a soft pale pink at a shop called The Bling Bazaar which is winging it's way from France as I type.

Etsy is a great place to look for vintage haberdashery however if you opt for vintage you really need to make sure it's still usable.  Over time it can lose it's stretch and become almost brittle if not stored correctly so contact the seller in advance.

Trixie Lixie(UK)
I searched around on-line and found Trixie Lixie based in the UK.  They have some really cute frilly edged elastics as well as a good range of basics in classic colours.

At L'uccello Kim had just received a new collection of two-tone French Lingerie Elastic...more shopping!  There are 5 colours in total (baby pink, dove blue, pale orange, cream & black) and all have a lovely vintage look.

I made a couple of samplers, first attaching the elastic the regular way and then just stitching it directly to the right side of the fabric leaving the raw edge to create a frill.  For interstate and OS customers L'uccello now has an on-line store, alternatively just ring or email Kim and ask for French Lingerie Elastic.  A trip to the store is highly recommended...hmm, or not depending on your bank balance.

Sourced from Japan these two-tone elastics from Mokuba have a pretty frilled edge.  The Melbourne store has 3 colours in stock but the full range was featured in a blog post right here.  They're not quite as stretchy as regular lingerie elastic so I made a couple of samplers and they worked really well.

Clegs stocks an 11mm wide version with a simple looped edge in 5 colours and it's available in store and on-line.  It has what I would describe as a strong stretch and is quite thick. 

Tessuti has a slightly softer and lighter 9mm wide version which I prefer but it's only available in black & white.  Their lingerie elastic is not featured in the on-line store so just phone or email through an order.

Sew Sassy Fabrics(USA)
I searched around on-line and found Sew Sassy Fabrics which ships almost anywhere.  They have a really good range of basics with some cute loopy edged patterns I'm also keen to try.

If you've found a great source I'd love to hear from you!


Powder Puff

Vintage style for Modern girls.

A promotional shot for the 1957 film Silk Stockings features the utterly gorgeous Cyd Charisse seated on what looks like a giant powder puff....I totally approve!
I got all inspired and created the POWDER PUFF cushion cover. It's not quite as big as Cyd's, but with a finished diameter of 58cm it's just the right size for a quick get-away.

 The pattern for the POWDER PUFF is now available from my Etsy shop.  For this version I cut the front panels in the same fabric alternating between the right and wrong sides but you could also make it up in contrasting prints.  

For the cushion inner I re-purposed an old feather doona; not, it turns out, an indoor job!  The printed sateen twill came from Tessuti and the Liberty print for the back was found at L'uccello.

Charlie is also wearing the TIE SIDE knickers made up in a Liberty print called August Rose.


Retro Beachwear

Movies are an endless source of inspiration and Gidget Goes Hawaiian, released in 1961, is a brilliant reference for checking out American surf and beach style of the day.

Inspired I fashioned a retro style two-piece from some vintage feedsack fabric found at L'uccello.  It combines an adaptation of the classic BLOOMER with THE BANDEAU.  

For the BLOOMER I added some extra length to the front and back rise.  The leg and waist openings are finished with satin bias binding and a HOW TO can be found right here.


Fabric leftovers

 One of the best things about making your own knickers is how little fabric you need; probably a good thing considering how addictive it is. 

Once you've got the hang of it you'll even find yourself rearranging patterns so you can fit a pair in.  Another possible sign of addiction might be classing as a "DISASTER" the fact that my favourite knicker elastic colour had SOLD OUT....O M G! 

Scraps were used to fashion this frilly version of the LOW RIDER.  The cotton and silk blend voile (perfect for knickers) was found at Tessuti in Melbourne and the pattern for the LOW RIDER is available in Australian sizes 8 - 14 from my Etsy shop