Silver Lining pt 1

My knicker making class got cancelled funk came to an abrupt, silver lining stop, when I saw this...

Surprise! (insert that feeling you get when you discover a piece of really beautiful fabric you bought years ago, packed away and then promptly forgot about...fabric stash amnesia) suffice to say, I started plotting an, it's all about me sewing bee, immediately.


From only 60cm of a Liberty Print called Emma & Georgina I cut myself a PRETTY BLOUSE.  As I write Strawberry Thief still has stock on hand but I did originally purchased my fabric from Luccello.

For this version the elastic casing was deleted from the waist, 5cm was added to the length and then the hemline was curved to create a shirt-tail shape.  The bib at the front was the scrap of fabric left after the front neckline was cut, bagged out with another leftover and trimmed with vintage buttons.  The neckline and hem edges were finished with a pre-cut/folded gingham bias binding found at Luccello in 100% cotton and only $2.00/mt.

It's shown here with a cardigan called Chicago from Rowan Magazine 37, more shots on Ravelry.

The PRETTY BLOUSE sewing pattern is available from my Etsy Shop in Australian sizes 6-14, for international customers a size conversion chart can be found right here.  Detailed instructions showing HOW TO bind an edge with bias binding can be found here although in this case it was machine stitched in place.

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