HOW TO make a shopping bag

Goodbye plastic bags!

Victoria will soon ban single use plastic bags so for your weekly shopping you could make a WEEKEND TOTE BAG...or maybe do this.

1. Take a plastic bag in the size you want, cut across the bottom and the top of both handles.

2. Cut down both sides and flatten out your plastic and then fold in half.

I've transferred the shape directly onto my fabric because I'm lazy but feel free to make a paper pattern.  Add 1cm seam allowance around the handles.  The bag is cut all in one piece with 1cm seam allowance on the outside side seam.

Start with the first 1/2 of one side, mark the pattern to the center fold.  Cut to the fold line of the plastic, stop and then flip the piece over and cut to the other side of the handle less the seam allowance on the side.

Flip the whole thing over and cut the entire shape from the centre fold making sure to include the 1cm seam allowance at the other end.  Use this fabric piece as a pattern to cut the lining.

3. With right sides together stitch the outer fabric together down the side to form a sausage.  Repeat for the lining.

4. With the right side of the outer fabric facing the right side of the lining and with the side seams and handle shapes matching stitch around the handles only.  The top and bottom should be left open.  Clip seams around curves and then turn right side out.  Press.

5. Make the folds in the sides to replicate the handles on the original plastic bag.  Finish across the bottom and the tops of the handles through all layers with bias binding tucking in the ends and hand stitching in place.  Sorry people but I love hand sewing.  All done.

Plastic bags to go the way of the Dodo, now there's an extinction story we can all cheer on to fruition.

My plastic bag replacement combines a green gingham bias binding found at Luccello with a heavy weight printed canvas and a soft silk cotton voile which both came from Tessuti...all left overs from other projects so even better.  I chose printed fabrics that come from opposite sides of the colour wheel.  I love combining clashing colours and when done well they can add a wonderful pop to your piece. 


DOTTY FOR YOU knicker sewing kit

My very first knicker sewing kit, everything you'll need apart from the thread and now available in my Etsy shop

Available in Australian sizes 8-14 and printed digitally onto 100% cotton voile using non toxic, solvent free, pigment based inks right here in Melbourne.  A size conversion chart can be found here and a knicker making sew-a-long is included here.


Knickers, Bras & Briefs

Sunstroke inducing photo shoot for my Etsy shop all done.
Knicker making kits will be available in the next week.  Printed onto cotton voile and in my very own DOTTY FOR YOU design, an excellent gift idea if I do say so myself.   

 In the meantime variations on a theme; having a little bit too much fun with my new marketing toy.

You can find all of my lingerie patterns right here...


A cushion story...

Available in my Etsy shop.  Original art printed digitally with solvent free water based pigment inks onto Belgian Linen Cotton and made up by me.  Custom orders welcome.


Cushion Project

I once heard someone explain serendipity as accidentally on purpose and that's the perfect description for the cushion project.

 Put simply I took some leftovers, reminders of a personal failure, messed about with them and turned it all into a series of artworks.  Above DECK CHAIRS and and a multi coloured version of HATS OFF printed digitally using solvent free water based pigment inks.

Need multiples or different sizes maybe?  No problem, just contact me via my Etsy shop and we'll work together to create the perfect assortment.  HATS OFF is available in both an aqua blue and dusty pink and can be supplied in any size.  For inserts The Bedroom has a wide variety of sizes in both 100% duck feather and duck/polyester combo.

All cushions come with the pinhead stamp of approval, more print options coming soon.


Ugly Cute

For a long while it was just called ugly cute, the BIG VEST is my latest project and will be released in the next month or so.  Also in the works some cushion making kits, a pair of hot pants and a sundress (backless of course) so lets see which makes it to the top of the pile.

The BIG VEST is worn here with the THE TUNIC, ridiculously simple and super quick to make.  All of the fabrics featured were found at Tessuti in Melbourne.


new pattern PARTY DRESS


Draped, quilted and  beaded, roomy through the body with a super short hem.  Wear tested and dance floor ready the PARTY DRESS sewing pattern is finally complete.  

The pattern is available in Australia sizes 8-14 from my Esty shop.  For international customers a size conversion chart can be found right here.

The Zebra print silk was found at Tessuti in Melbourne and the contrast yoke was cut from some left overs.  I purchased my beads from Maria's Beads and Trims in the Nicholas building.  If you've never quilted fabric or stitched with heavy top stitching thread you'll find a HOW TO here and here.


Party Dress wear testing

The PARTY DRESS has been in the works for a very long time, in fact, I made the first version way back when I was still a student.  It turned up by surprise in a clean out all musty and in need of repairs.  

The latest update is shorter and narrower, shaped, bias cut and with a more wearable back cowl.  The yoke is still quilted and beaded but with some added curves and not quite so spongy.  

The sample is made from a Liberty print silk crepe called Shinjuku found at The Fabric Store.  The sewing pattern will be available from my Etsy shop in the next couple of weeks but first some wear testing...


new pattern CLASSIC COWL

The CLASSIC COWL sewing pattern is now available from my Etsy Shop is Australian sizes 10-16, for international customers a size conversion chart can be found right here.

 The pattern is suitable for light to medium weight jersey fabrics and I recommend cotton, cotton/elastane or viscose/elastane blends like the example shown here.  The hem, cuffs and neckline were all finished with twin needle stitching, detailed instructions showing you HOW TO hem jersey using a twin needle can be found right here.
Leaving the hem edges raw so they roll works best in 100% cotton and an example can be seen here.  The raw denim jeans, with all the pocket stitching removed, are by Nudie and the reading glasses are retro Gucci.