Cushion Project

I once heard someone explain serendipity as accidentally on purpose and that's the perfect description for the cushion project.

 Put simply I took some leftovers, reminders of a personal failure, messed about with them and turned it all into a series of artworks.  Above DECK CHAIRS and and a multi coloured version of HATS OFF printed digitally using solvent free water based pigment inks.

Need multiples or different sizes maybe?  No problem, just contact me via my Etsy shop and we'll work together to create the perfect assortment.  HATS OFF is available in both an aqua blue and dusty pink and can be supplied in any size.  For inserts The Bedroom has a wide variety of sizes in both 100% duck feather and duck/polyester combo.

All cushions come with the pinhead stamp of approval, more print options coming soon.

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