Day 17.

For learning new skills and trying something different I give you Wednesday, my favourite weekday!
An adaptation of the LITTLE 'GIRLS' TRIANGLE BRA shown together with Wednesday's version of the TIE SIDE.  The centre back hook and eye closure has been replaced by front ties cut from the same fabric.

Both were made in a Liberty print floral called Tom and trimmed with a velvety ribbon found at Luccello; the bra strap elastic and rings were sourced from Bra Makers and the knicker elastic was found at Lindcraft.

If you'd like to try this adaptation of the TRIANGLE BRA yourself a HOW TO has been included below.

1. Following the instructions on your pattern attach the knicker elastic to the inside and outside edges of each cup.

2. With the right side of the fabric facing the right side of elastic and the bottom scalloped edge of the elastic facing UP attach the underbust elastic to the bottom edge of the cup using a zig-zag stitch.  In this example I've used a ratio of 1:.66 in order to add more fullness than usual.  As you zig-zag stretch the elastic to fit without stretching the fabric.

Detailed instructions showing how to attach underbust elastic can be found right here.
3. You need to work out the length of the elastic required for the back, add the required amount for the other cup and then check the measurement on your own body.  I've left a gap in the middle for the ties

Once you've worked out the measurements attach the other cup to the underbust elastic.

4. For my bra I'm using 12mm wide bagged out ties cut in the same fabric as my cups but ribbon works just as well; mine will be 32cm long when finishedStarting with the left cup, straight stitch the tie in place at the centre front just beyond the end of the knicker elastic.

Trim ties and elastic but don't cut any threads.

Now working from the wrong side flip the tie to the left folding the underbust elastic over at the centre front.

Fold the underbust elastic up so that the underside is now facing out and the scolloped edge is facing down. 

Tuck the end of the underbust elastic and the tie in between the cup and the elastic and pin in place.

5. Using a twin needle attachment and working from the right side stitch along the bottom of the cup stretching the elastic evenly as you go.  If you've never used a twin needle detailed instructions explaining HOW TO can be found right here.

Repeat for the right cup and your ties are in place.  You will have noticed that I don't cut threads as I go.  Once I finished attaching the ties I threaded each loose thread onto a needle and work into the back of my bra invisibly.  It's a good habit to get into, giving you a much neater finish and no ugly little ends popping up later on. I also often use them to further secure the elastic in place if need be. 

6. The last step is to attach the bra straps, a HOW TO make basic bra straps can be found right here plus of course there is additional information on your pattern.

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