Day 18.

For making appointments and planning something big you can't go past a Thursday, especially in the afternoon.

Thursday's TIE SIDE cut from a Liberty print classic called Mauvey
with contrast frills in Tom.  Both the fabrics and the ribbon came from Luccello and I've added a HOW TO for the frill attachment below. 

1. Cut some strips of fabric 4cm wide, personally I prefer to cut them on the bias but for this example I couldn't because I didn't have enough.  When you cut the fabric on the bias the edges don't fray instead taking on a soft blurred effect over time.  

Run a line of gathering down the middle and pin evenly to each side of the front.

2. Stitch the frill in place and then carefully remove the gathering threads.  I made two rows of stitching so the middle of the frill would sit a little flatter, up to you.

3. On the wrong side make a line of stitching close to the edge of the knicker to hold the frill in place.  Once complete cut off the excess fabric.

4. Attach the knicker elastic as you normally would and you're all done.  A HOW TO attach knicker elastic can be found right here.

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