Day 26. HOW LONG does it take to make a Triangle Bra?

Day 26.

In an age where everything comes to us instantly via a device never out of reach, the question of HOW LONG will it take has insidiously imposed itself upon all our interactions, dulling memory and slowly erasing skills.  We are impatient, even our relationships have a transactional taint.

I learnt to sew at a very young age Sewing slows down time, for me the process, like the completed object, is of equal reward and if nothing else, when you make something by hand, it reinforces the true value of the things we buy and less tolerant of inferior quality.
HOW LONG does it take to make a Triangle Bra?

Gather ingredients, take a photo and then leave the house for several hours to drink chocolate, read the paper and run errands.

Trim down the outside edges (I'm experimenting), attach lingerie elastic to the sides, underbust elastic along the bottom edge and ribbons to the front.

2pm (1 day later)
Attach bra straps and darn in thread ends.  Just a note about loose threads, I never just chop them off, each one is threaded onto a needle and then darned into the back invisibly.  This took a full half hour but it ensures that there are no little threads sticking out or unraveling at a later date.

So to answer the question, 26 hours. 


The LITTLE 'GIRLS' TRIANGLE BRA sewing pattern is available from my Etsy shop in Australian sizes 6-12 A & 8-14B.  The bra is designed for lightweight woven fabrics (in this case the Liberty print Mauvey)and is suitable for petite women with smaller bust shapes.  

For this adaptation the hook and eye closure at the back has been replaced with ribbon ties at the centre front.  You can view a second bra I made using the same technique right here along with a detailed HOW TO.  

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