HOW TO make narrow ties

If you're making the ESSENTIAL WRAP SHIRT you have the option of using ribbon for the ties or you can make a couple using your fabric.  Here's how you do it...

1. Following the instructions in the pattern cut two strips of fabric each 118cm long x 4cm in width.  Once you've made the ties the length can be adjusted to suit your size.

2. Press in half right sides together and then stitch 1cm from the fold all the way along.


3. Trim away half of the seam allowance and clip across one end at an angle.

4. For the next step I use a handy little tool called a LOOP TURNER.  Insert it into the tube you've formed all the way to the other end.  

Hook it into the fabric and carefully pull the fabric into the tube and pull out from the other end or as they put it "pull loop turner with one hand while sliding fabric over itself with the other".

5. At the end of each tie push in about 4cm of fabric (for this I usually use a crochet hook) and then make a small knot.  You can slip stitch the end closed if you don't want the knot.

The LOOP TURNER can also be used for making rouleau loops, my least favourite of all sewing chores.

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