HOW TO attach cotton tape

A new pattern nearing completion called the ESSENTIAL WRAP SHIRT requires cotton tape to be attached to the front edges, here's why you need it and how to attach it.

When sewing jersey fabrics a light weight stretchy tape can be added to the shoulder seam to help maintain the shape.  Select a rubber tape like the ones shown below.

For woven garments a woven tape is used.  It reinforces seams and helps to stabilize edges (especially when they are on the bias) in order to prevent stretching. 

The ESSENTIAL WRAP SHIRT is made from woven fabric and has two long angled front edges which are effectively on the bias.   Unless the edges are taped they will stretch and develop a wavy appearance which in turn effects the fit.
Press the fabric piece along the edge.  With the wrong side facing up and with the tape placed on top, overlock along the edge catching the tape into the stitching.  Take care not to stretch either the fabric or the tape.

Once complete this is how it looks.  In this case the edge is then folded twice and top stitched so the tape is hidden inside and the edge will not stretch.


  1. That's a great tip and so obvious once you have been shown! Thanks

  2. I just got the materials for the wrap shirt, but I can't find the proper color or width of cotton tape at our fabric stores in my town in Florida. Can I subsitute 6.35 mm (think this is as close as we get to 6 mm wide as listed on the pattern) double fold bias tape?

    1. Hi Julie, The bias tape will stretch so maybe try a 6mm wide ribbon instead. Just test out a piece first to see how it goes. Pamela

    2. Thanks, I'll try that.

    3. Thank you. I ended up deciding to try making the top first with an old cotton sheet. I got white cotton tape. I don't have a serger so I used a small, pretty tight zig-zag. So far so good-- is there some peril ahead that I'm not anticipating by using a zig-zag stitch????