I'm currently wearing in a new pair of raw denim jeans, in fact I'm wearing them right now.  10oz Japanese selvedge denim, 17 weeks without a wash and the creases are just starting to show signs of abrasion, they are truly a thing of beauty.  

This definitely wasn't an impulse buy, I needed to replace my old pair and I probably looked for about a year before I found the perfect style.  In the end I went for Nudie's TIGHT LONG JOHN and not just because of the fit Nudie produce their denim from 100% organic cotton and the company embraces the idea that your denim can be repaired, reused and eventually recycled.  You can read more right here.  

Denim is a beautiful fabric to work with and wear but it's not just for jeans.  The London based design duo at Marques' Almeida definitely inspire a greater level experimentation through their creative use of the fabric.

With all of this in mind I decided to try something a little different recycling 2 pairs of old jeans which I turned into a jacket using the ESSENTIAL WRAP SHIRT pattern.  You can check out the results and the HOW TO by scrolling down the page.

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