3. ESSENTIAL WRAP SHIRT cutting the fronts

By this stage you're sewing room, in my case kitchen, will be covered in threads and fabric bits but we've almost finished.  I've reserved the biggest pair of jeans for cutting the fronts.  I also selected a straight leg style so there's less shaping toward the bottom of the leg.

One thing I've noticed about these jeans as I've taken them apart, expensive brand difficult, cheap brand easy...you get what you pay for!

1. Unpick the inseam, crotch seam and take off the back pockets.  Press the outside leg seam flat and then position your front pattern so that the straight grain of the pattern is aligned as best you can with the straight grain in the denim underneath.

2.  Once you've cut out the front flip the cut piece over and matching the position on the other leg cut out an exact mirrored pair.

3. So now you have all the pieces it's time to construct the shirt. Short version...darts, front tape, shoulder, sleeve, side, underarm, hem and ties.

The original plan was to make the ties from the second waistband but I've turned it into a belt instead by taking off the contrast top stitching and then stitching the edges together with matching thread.  A belt loop was then unpicked and inserted into the center back of the jacket to hold it in place.

2 pairs of old jeans from the op shop = 1 cool new jacket.

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