HOW TO sew a French Seam

French seams look beautiful both inside and out and for this reason you see them a lot on garments made from sheer fabrics.  The project below is in an unusual colour so I've opted for French seams to avoid having to buy lots of thread for my overlocker, here's how I made them...

1.  With WRONG sides together stitch your seam.  It should be half the width of the allowed seam allowance given on the pattern.  For this example my total seam allowance is 2cm so the initial stitching line below is 1cm from the edge.

2. Trim away half the seam allowance, in this case 5mm.

3. Press the trimmed seam to one side.   

4. Bring the right sides together and form a fold along the stitching line, press.

5. With RIGHT sides together stitch your seam.  The seam allowance should be half the distance allowed by you pattern, in this case 1cm.

6. Press the seam allowance to one side and you're all done.

On the right side you have what looks like a normal seam and on the wrong side the raw edges are completely encased.

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