HOW TO make a Hippie Headband

What happened to my Liberty print challenge, hmm... way too cold for sewing and way too much going on!
 I did however make this cute little headband using some Liberty print leftovers.  The headband took me less than half an hour, here's how I did it...

You will need:
Fabric - 48.5cm long by 21cm wide
Elastic - 13mm wide x 13cm

1. Fold your rectangle of fabric in half right sides together.  Stitch together along the long edge (1cm seam allowance) leaving an 8cm opening.

2. Press the seam open. 
(I patched 2 pieces of fabric together so ignore my extra seam)

3. Sew around the end using a gathering stitch, 1.5cm from the edge, stopping and starting at the seam.

4. Pin one end of the elastic at the seam and then pull the gathering thread to form the smallest bundle you can.  Stitch across the end 1.5cm from the fabric edge.  My elastic is sticking out an extra 1cm from the edge just because it's easier to handle.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other end and you end up with a strange looking sausage that looks like this. 

6. Turn the headband right side out using the opening, slip stitch the opening closed and Voilà!

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