HOW TO finish a neckline with bias binding

I'm working on the pattern for the PRETTY BLOUSE which has a scooped neckline bound with a 12mm wide bias binding.  I use this finish a lot when working with lightweight fabrics because it's clean and simple; here's how you do it.... 

1. First stitch the front and back together at the shoulder seams as directed on the pattern.  Then with right sides together stitch the bias binding around the neckline.  Don't stretch the binding especially around the curves and make your stitching line just to the right of the fold line.  

2. When you've almost stitched the binding the entire way around stop leaving a gap of about 5cm.  With right sides together join the ends of the binding by stitching diagonally across.  Check it's correct by pinning first.

3. Trim away the excess binding, press the seam open and then stitch this section to the neckline as before.

4. Clip the seam at 1cm intervals, this is especially important around the curves.

5. Once you've clipped all the way around flip the bias binding to the wrong side and press with your iron.

6. Working from the wrong side stitch around the neckline as close to the edge of the bias binding as you can.  It's really important to ensure your stitching is even as any errors will be very obvious when you wear it.  It's also a good idea to start and finish your stitching at the center back.

7. Press on the wrong and right sides using lots of steam and you're all done.

The pattern for the PRETTY BLOUSE will be available very soon from my Etsy shop.

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