HOW TO finish raw edges - option 2.

Option 2.

1. For this example I started with a 50mm wide strip of bias binding which I then cut in half.

2. With the right side of your fabric facing up and the wrong side of the binding facing the wrong side of the fabric stitch together just a few mm's to the the left of the center fold in the binding.  This is really tricky so take your time...it took several goes for me to get it in the right position.  Samplers are always a great idea!

3. Press following the sequence below.

4. On the right side, stitch together just a few mm's to the right of the center fold line in your bias binding.

5. Press the garment on the right and wrong side.

6. As you can see the edge of your garment is now enclosed in the seam so you will never have to worry about threads coming off.  To encourage the bias binding to fray I run my finger nail along both edges and then throw the garment in the wash a couple of times; the more you wash it the better it looks.

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