Fancy Lingerie Elastic

Once you've mastered the basics of knicker making you'll want to start experimenting with fancy lingerie elastics.
I've been asked many times where to buy good quality basic lingerie elastic so I've made a list of my favourite shops.  I also went looking for fancy elastics and found some really beautiful options....

So I started searching on Etsy and was immediately distracted.  I purchased some vintage elastic in a soft pale pink at a shop called The Bling Bazaar which is winging it's way from France as I type.

Etsy is a great place to look for vintage haberdashery however if you opt for vintage you really need to make sure it's still usable.  Over time it can lose it's stretch and become almost brittle if not stored correctly so contact the seller in advance.

Trixie Lixie(UK)
I searched around on-line and found Trixie Lixie based in the UK.  They have some really cute frilly edged elastics as well as a good range of basics in classic colours.

At L'uccello Kim had just received a new collection of two-tone French Lingerie Elastic...more shopping!  There are 5 colours in total (baby pink, dove blue, pale orange, cream & black) and all have a lovely vintage look.

I made a couple of samplers, first attaching the elastic the regular way and then just stitching it directly to the right side of the fabric leaving the raw edge to create a frill.  For interstate and OS customers L'uccello now has an on-line store, alternatively just ring or email Kim and ask for French Lingerie Elastic.  A trip to the store is highly recommended...hmm, or not depending on your bank balance.

Sourced from Japan these two-tone elastics from Mokuba have a pretty frilled edge.  The Melbourne store has 3 colours in stock but the full range was featured in a blog post right here.  They're not quite as stretchy as regular lingerie elastic so I made a couple of samplers and they worked really well.

Clegs stocks an 11mm wide version with a simple looped edge in 5 colours and it's available in store and on-line.  It has what I would describe as a strong stretch and is quite thick. 

Tessuti has a slightly softer and lighter 9mm wide version which I prefer but it's only available in black & white.  Their lingerie elastic is not featured in the on-line store so just phone or email through an order.

Sew Sassy Fabrics(USA)
I searched around on-line and found Sew Sassy Fabrics which ships almost anywhere.  They have a really good range of basics with some cute loopy edged patterns I'm also keen to try.

If you've found a great source I'd love to hear from you!

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