HOW TO tie a neckerchief

Recently purchased from L'uccello some whimsical cotton neckerchiefs from the French brand inouitoosh, one for my sister and one for me (birthday presents!).

If you've always wanted to wear one but didn't know how to tie it this is my favourite method.  I'm working with neckerchief 54cm (21 1/4") square

1. Fold in half (wrong sides together) along the diagonal so that the opposite corners meet.

2. Fold in half again so that the points meet the fold line.

3. Fold in half again bringing the shorter folded edge up to meet the longer one. 

4. Repeat step 3. so you end up with a narrow folded tie about 5cm (2") wide.

5. Take the tie and place it around your neck so that all the folded edges are facing down toward your shoulder, secure with a loose double knot.  

6. Flip the knot by pushing the bottom tie end up through the neckerchief so it sits up and away from your shoulder, the other tie will now face down...and Voilà!


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