Jacket renovation pt 1

I made this jacket maybe 20 years ago.  I wore it a lot but for the past 10 years it's been stored at the bottom of a trunk in the living room.  

The body was cut from a pig skin suede with a soft lamb for the trim, the facings are in an astrakhan type fabric and it's lined in a printed satin. 

It's not in great condition.  The jacket is moldy across the lower back and down one of the sleeves and there are deep fold marks in the suede.  The lining is yellowing in parts and some of the seams are splitting over the shoulder.   I can deal with all of that but the smell is overpowering, that horrible musty op shop smell that makes your eyes water. 

Dealing with the smell is the first priority so the lining is coming out and will be used as a pattern to cut the new one.  The gigantic shoulder pads went straight in the bin. 

Some serious smell reduction research is now underway...

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  1. try hanging it outside. I don't know what your weather is like right now, but in Malta I like to hang things out overnight to get damp and then dry off during the heat of the day.... wiht shade of course. A few days' treatment can get rid of a lot of stink;).
    Bicarbonate of soda also helps a lot, it actually worked on male cat pee on a sofa!