HOW TO remove that musty smell from old clothes

Jacket Renovation pt 2

Removing that musty smell turned out to be a two part solution.  From my local fishy pet store I purchased a bag of Activated Charcoal, $14.95 for 1KG.  The charcoal is treated with steam at high temperatures allowing it's highly porous surface to absorb gas particles (the smell) at a rate disproportionate to it's size.  Thank you science!

I placed my stinky jacket into an airtight tub with a cup of charcoal, sealed it up and stored it away for two weeks.

The smell was greatly reduced but the faux astrakhan facing remained largely recalcitrant.  Further research suggested a quick spray of vodka would do the trick so I laid it out on the kitchen table and bobs your uncle, 10 minutes later it was as good as new.

My love of Liberty is no secret, the new lining is Edenham in black, perfect for the overall look and an instant smell reducing bonus...favourite jacket restored to regular wardrobe rotation.

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