HOW TO add weights to a cowl neckline

Coming along in the next month or so a new pattern I'm working on called the PARTY DRESS which is designed with cowls at both the back and front.  I sometimes worry that this HOW TO information is all a bit basic but just in case you're wondering here's how you add weights to a cowl neckline.
1. Off to the hardware shop you go.  Locate the plumbing section and purchase some tap washers.  For this example I'm using washers with a diameter of 23mm 

2. Cut two pieces of fabric each 12cm long x 4.5cm wide

3. Fold in half right sides together and using your overlocker stitch the long edges together forming an open ended envelope.

4. Turn right side out, press and then insert a washer into each.

5. Push in the ends by a couple of cm's, slip stitch the opening closed and then topstitch in place on the facing edge of the cowl at the exact centre point. 

All done.  On the inside it will look something like this and when on the body will hold your cowl perfectly in place.


  1. No, not too basic:). I'm no beginner but have never added weights to a cowl neckline - I love cowls but they don't always behave like they should and this is genius! Looking forward to this dress pattern and to the top with the cowl neck you posted out earlier:)

    1. So glad to know it's helpful. I'm working on three new patterns right now, PARTY DRESS, DAY DRESS and the CLASSIC COWL you mentioned. The PARTY DRESS will be first and I'm really pleased with how it looks but it's probably a couple of weeks away. Thanks again for the feedback. Pamela