Spoonflower Fabric8

The semifinalists for the Spoonflower Fabric8 – textile design competition have been announced and a print Jo has created called Medlar has been selected.  

The theme of the Fabric8 contest called for
'modern fabric designs that evoke the style of pen & ink drawings coloured with watercolour paints' and the results are truly inspiring

Jo has four Medlar trees growing in her garden up at Macedon and clearly the climate agrees with them because they fruit prolifically.   Toward the end of the summer the leaves begin to turn a rusty brown and the fruit softens inspiring not only the beautiful design below but a rather potent liqueur!

Voting now switches to the public who will select the 8 finalists so take a moment to view all of the selected designs and vote for your favourites. 

You can view more of Jo's creations right here.

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