HOW TO make a double rolled edge

Now some machines come with special feet that do the rolling and stitching all in one step but sadly my old clunker has no such fancy appendages. I do find that having long finger nails helps, especially when hemming around a curve.

Here's how you do it....

1. Give the fabric a good press.

2. With the wrong side of the fabric facing up carefully turn over 3mm and stitch close to the folded edge.  Make sure your stitching is straight and the same distance from the fold.

3. Trim any excess fabric taking care not to cut the fabric underneath.

4. Again with the wrong side facing up turn over another 3mm and stitch close to the folded edge.

5. One last press and you're all done.

I use this method a lot when I'm working with lightweight fabrics and it's especially good for the edge of frills like the one used for the SKIMPY below.  For the above examples I used a Liberty fabric called Ellie Ruth in pink found at Tessuti in Melbourne.

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