Yakedy Yak

Sometimes in life you reach a fork, a choice is made and you head off in a new direction without paying much attention.  My current fork, the 2018 fork isn't that.  Many sleepless nights and protracted internal discussions later I've reached a number of conclusions...

1. I love what I've created, The Makers' Journal is an expression of me and I love it so much.

2. If I want to create a financially secure life for myself I'm going to need reliable employment.  No more casual dead end jobs.

3. I cannot work for people who are morally bankrupt, they hurt my brain and soul and I don't want to be around them.  

4. I want to develop my own art practice and a studio retreat at my farm and this will never happen if life continues along it's current rudderless path.  

I need a plan.

So what this means in practical terms is that The Makers' Journal will continue but officially becomes my hobby..a very expensive hobby that pays for itself.  Just writing this down makes me want to schedule some time and start designing new things.  My Etsy shop is open and all of the patterns are available, I may even add a new one every now and again.  I'm constantly creating new things and Instagram is a perfect place for this, for now.   

Late last year I started a new job, I held my breath waiting for the disappointment/boredom to set in, but amazingly I'm still there, and in fact, I completely love it!  The people are just so wonderful and the job is an exciting adventure which I can't wait to share with the world.  

So here's a sneak peak of what I've been up to...

Many of these photos are the work of talented photographer Margherita Torri with styling assist from home wares designer Kerry Bower of Raine & Humble and me (I even made it into one) but I did sneak in two of mine.

The all new yakedyyak.com.au website will launch very soon.
It's open folks, happy shopping.


  1. Oh, I'm glad for you, but I do hope you will keep on coming out with your very original patterns!

  2. That dress is so simple that a good seamstress could make it for you. I would consider having it made. There isn't much to it.