HOW TO darn in your overlocker (serger) threads

Finishing off sewing projects so there are no weak points or thread ends showing is especially important when making tops in jersey fabrics.  Two new patterns suitable for lightweight single jersey through to french terry or brushed fleece could leave you with lots of pesky threads, or you could just do this...

1. So here it is, the ugly trail of overlocker thread.  If you're a knitter pull out a darning needle and thread the overlocking threads through the eye.  A darning needle has a rounded tip so it won't pierce your fabric, and a nice big eye so threading should be really easy.

2. Gently push the needle back up the seam in between the two layers of fabric for a couple of centimeters and then out.  Pull the threads through and trim off the excess.

It's simple, fast and importantly it secures the end of the seam so it won't unravel.

This method works especially well when working with jersey fabrics where the hem edges are left raw to roll, THE LONG SKINNY is a perfect example.  

The patterns for the Raglan and the Cowl will be released soon,  Clean basic styles designed to be made up in knit fabrics and available in Australian sizes 10-16. 

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