HOW TO quilt fabric using batting

A new pattern I'm working on called the HOOD HAT can be lined with either faux fur or a quilted fabric.  Options for quilted fabrics are limited so I made my own, here's how I did it.

You're going to make a fabric sandwich so you'll need the outer fabric, some wadding or batting and then some backing fabric. 
I opted for batting in 100% bamboo which I sourced from Lincraft.

1. Press your outer fabric and then mark your stitching lines using chalk.  I'm using a simple diagonal grid pattern with lines 5cm apart.
Smaller pieces are easier to handle so I worked out how I was going to cut out my pattern pieces first and then cut the outer fabric into suitable shapes.

2. Layer your pressed, crinkle free backing fabric down first, followed by the batting and then with the right side facing up, the outer fabric.  Make very sure that all the layers are flat.  Using safety pins, pin all the layers together at regular intervals.

 3. With the outer fabric facing up stitch through all layers following the chalk lines marked onto your fabric.  For my HOOD HAT I'm using heavy top stitching thread and a HOW TO can be found right here.

4.  Complete all the stitching in one direction first and once you're finished switch and do the rest.  Importantly you need to check that the backing and outer fabrics are flat as you sew.

5. Give your completed sandwich a press and you're ready to cut out your pattern piece.

6. Treat your quilted fabric as one and cut and stitch together as normal.

My completed HOOD HAT lining...

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