Experimental Dress Making part 1

Sewing without a pattern.

Inspiration c/o Celine Spring 2016 rounded sloping shoulder, full cropped sleeves, wide elasticized waists...relaxed modern shapes you just want to wear immediately.

For this project another little treasure uncovered during a house move, a black floral jacquard with 18cm wide elasticized panels placed 68cm apart.

The fabric was folded in half width-wise and with the selvedges and elastic panels aligned, stitched together from the top of the elastic to the ends.  The side seams were left open above the elastic and cuffs created through a series of wide inverted pleats held in place with some ditch stitchingWorking out the shape of the neck and then cutting a hole along the fold was mildly panic inducing but it's ok.  I added some ties in grosgrain ribbon and the waist was reduced further by adding wide side pleats.

The end result is more Molly Goddard girly than Celine sophistication but I like it anyway; makes you want to pull on some gum boots, swing your arms and jump in puddles.  Susie Bubble on Molly Goddard

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