Clothes that move!

In 1820 the inventor Thomas Hancock patented elastic fastenings for gloves, shoes, suspenders and stockings.  He founded the British rubber industry and invented a little machine called the masticator which made it all possible.

I avoid making things that require buttonholes, partly it's because my old clunker does a lousy job of it but mostly I'm just really fussy so it takes me ages to get them right...ever unpicked a buttonhole, not easy!  Thank goodness for Mr Hancock.

I love love love working with elastic, it adds shape instantly, creates fullness and texture whilst adding the additional element of comfort...clothes that move with you like the skirt and top shown below.  

The newly released PRETTY BLOUSE is now available from my Etsy shop in Australian sizes 6-14.  It's shown here with the equally versatile FLASH N' DASH skirt.  

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