HOW TO make basic bra straps

Making bra straps is actually quite easy.  Like baking, you just need the right ingredients in the right order.  My elastic, sliders and rings were all purchased from Bra Makers.

1. Collect your ingredients, in my example I'm using... 
Bra strap elastic - 10mm (3/8") ES-31
You'll need approx. 1.2mts (47") per bra

Sliders and Rings - x 2 of each 10mm (3/8") RM-3
The girls at Bra Makers recommended nylon powder-coated metal as the best option.  After trying out a few different types I did find these to be the best.

2. Cut 2 lengths of elastic each 9cm long and thread through the rings wrong sides together.

The elastic should then be attached to the back of your bra as marked on your pattern and in the case of the LITTLE 'GIRLS' BRALETTE this is done before stitching on the under bust elastic.

On commercially made bras the back elastic is usually topstitched in place but for this style I like to use a slipstich so it's invisible on the right side.

3. Cut two lengths of elastic for the adjustable straps, the length will depend on your size and the pattern but mine are each 42cm long. Thread the elastic through the middle of the slider and with wrong sides together secure in place using straight stitch.

 4. Lay your bra right side up.  Thread the strap elastic up through the back of the ring so the wrong sides of the elastic are together.

5. Now thread the end of the strap elastic up and over the central bar of the slider; up and in one side and down and out through the other as shown.  It helps to have your bra facing right side up at all times.

6. Pin the straps to the front of the bra right sides together and stitch in place.  Take care to ensure the elastic is not twisted.


7. Overlock along the seam and with the seam allowance facing down toward the bra topstitch or slip stitch in place.

 8. All done! Importantly you need to make sure the straps are exactly the same length and positioned evenly; I've found it easier to make the straps in unison rather than complete one strap and then work on the other.


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