HOW TO attach swimwear elastic

  Sewing swimwear is so easy!

Apart from knowing HOW TO make straps you'll also need know HOW TO attach swimwear elastic...

1. Swimwear elastic is generally available in clear or solid colours and feels rubbery and smooth.  I recommend the solid coloured elastic, much easier to handle.

Of course since you're sewing a jersey fabric make sure to use the correct needles; select the pack marked jersey.

2. For my example I'm making a bikini pant for which the side seams are left open.  I've already overlocked my outer fabric and my inner linings together and joined the front and back at the crotch seam.

3. Measure around the opening to which the elastic is being attached and using the equation below cut your elastic to the correct length.

Total length of opening x .66 = elastic length

4. Using a zig-zag stitch, attach the elastic to the wrong side along the edge stretching the elastic evenly to fit, the fabric underneath should not be stretched.

5. Fold the edge toward the wrong side so the elastic is hidden underneath.  With the right side facing up zig-zag stitch along the edge stretching the fabric out flat as you go...all done!

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  1. Thank you! This was what I needed to read a month ago as I played around with dozens of stitches on my machine, only to end up being less than completely happy with what I chose. Although, I was happy enough with my end product to be super excited about sewing another swimsuit in the future! Maybe I might be brave enough to attempt a bikini for me next...I have the perfect fabric already! By the way, I just finished your little truck stop top for my eldest daughter. She is only five but I simply couldn't wait for her to get any bigger ;-). It worked out great, and still looks great even though it is a bit big (I was prepared to delegate it to her pj drawer). It is a beautiful design. We have our photo shoot tomorrow and I will post my photos next week.