HOW TO make a twisted jersey band

A new style in jersey called THE TUNIC features a twisted band at the neck and armholes.  It looks complicated but is actually incredibly easy, here's how you do it...

Follow the pattern instructions for THE TUNIC to step 3.

1. Press the seam toward the band and then join the remaining shoulder seam.

2. Press under 1cm along the long free edge of the band.

3. Fold the band toward the inside of the garment and slip stitch the pressed folded edge to the seam moving the edge 2 cm to the right of where it would naturally sit.

4. Once complete DO NOT PRESS the outer edge as this spoils the effect.  On the body any puckering around the neck seam will disappear under the weight of the garment.

The armhole bands are completed in the same way. 


  1. I have seen this done on garments before and always wondered how to do it. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  2. I have a tunic with a twisted band and I absolutely love this detail. I have always wondered how this was achieved. That you so much for this tutorial!