Knee deep in half finished samples and piles of fabric as I prepare for a shoot at the end of the month (including my first attempt at mini movie making - so exciting!) I'm taking some time out to look at my favourites from the Summer 2013 shows.
New York, London, Milan and Paris

A stand out from New York fashion week would have to be the collection from Proenza Schouler; I highly recommend a look through all the detail shots.

Crochet used to join panels of laser cut leather; high tech precision mixed with old world craft! 

In London Christopher Kane mixed fabrics creating surface textures that looked almost futuristic. 


The shoes are amazing!

Always a favourite Marni was uncharacteristically devoid of print which as one commentator correctly pointed out makes you examine the cuts and proportions more closely.  

More shoes for my wish list!!!
My absolute favourite for the entire season would have to be Dries Van Noten.  A dreamy mixture of feminine and masculine skillfully combined; the colour palette is just perfection!

Finally another brilliant show from Paris, the normally dark Rick Owens showed his signature style in an almost angelic colour scheme.

I look at these collections not to copy but to be inspired.  Copying in my opinion is not flattery but straight out theft and it disturbs me when I see chain stores lazily knocking off high end fashion rather than employing a designer.  

I am inspired by the work of these amazing artists, inspired to try new fabric and trim combinations, explore different colour options and textures and for the pure enjoyment of looking at what is wearable art.  

There were lots of other collections which I loved, check out Fendi, Miu Miu and Celine....so many others!

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