HOW TO make a jersey binding with rolled edge

 A new style, called TRUCK STOP TOP (pattern coming soon), includes the attachment of a jersey binding with rolled edge, here's how you do it....

1. Measure around each of the openings.

2. Cut enough strips of the jersey fabric to go around each opening without joins, in this case I cut my strips 3cm wide.  You can cut across the fabric or in line with the selvedge, I usually go with which ever direction will give me the most roll.

3. With the wrong side of the binding facing the right side of garment overlock both together stretching the binding slightly as you go.  The garment underneath should not be stretched.  (Some jersey fabrics will naturally roll toward the right side, if so overlock with right sides together) 

4. Press the seam toward the body.  Give the raw edges a good blast of steam and you should end up with something like this. 

The fabric used in the examples above is from Tessuti and the pattern for the TRUCK STOP TOP will be available very soon from our Etsy shop.


  1. Hi, this looks like a great new method, and I'm eager to try it! I'm always using t-shirt fabric to construct. Question: have you put it through the washing machine, and did it stay rolled?

  2. It would depend on the jersey fabric, mine was fine. It's really important to stretch the binding (not the garment) as you overlock it on as this makes the jersey roll, I always test on some scraps first.