HOW TO sew with top stitch thread

I love using heavy top stitching thread.  If you've never tried it before have a go, here's how you do it...  

Shopping list
Machine Needles
You'll need to buy appropriate needles for your machine, find a pack marked TOP STITCH.  On my old Husqvarna I've been using Schmetz 130N 90/14 for both light and heavy fabrics and so far so good.

Top Stitch Thread  
Pick out your thread colour, I use Gutermann top stitch thread. You also need some regular thread for the bobbin.  The bobbin colour depends on the project, I generally use a contrast top stitching thread with a bobbin thread that matches the background of my fabric.  By doing this the stitches are more prominent.

1. First change over your machine needle, to avoid any disasters make sure the new one is on nice and tight.

2. Thread the top of the machine with the top stitch thread and put regular thread on the bobbin.

3. Reduce the pressure right down on the sewing foot, how much will depend on your fabric and machine so you may need to do a bit of experimentation.

4. Adjust the stitch length to suit, for the bag below I used a density of 7 stitches per inch.

Special thanks to the lovely ladies at the Camberwell Sewing Centre for all the supplies.  The pattern for our WEEKEND TOTE BAG will be available soon.

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